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Reinventing His City, One Light Bulb At A Time

When Hurricane Irma destroyed the Miami area in September 2017, leaving millions of people without power, Ledger Kellier’s iLumenFi lights were still standing. In a time of grave devastation, Ledger began thinking about how he could support his network without having to rely on traditional utilities. In today’s world where technology plays a dominant role in our lives, our dependence on it has become increasinglysignificant. For Ledger, he’s creating different means of delivering broadband coverage with his cobra cell lights that are able to provide his community with sustainable technology, especially during times of emergency.

“There is a divide when it comes to technology, and access shouldn’t be one of the reasons,” he says. From a young age, Ledger was always tinkering with things and creating new gadgets. Kellier worked in renewable energy for many years, and it was here that he first had the idea to marry renewable energy with LED. After bringing this idea to his manager at the time, who immediately dismissed his proposition, Ledger went on to create his own prototype that propagated WIFI, bringing his vision to fruition. His innovative spark and mechanical engineering background led him to the founding of iLumenFi.

The Miami based business originally started with one simple idea: to bring the internet to places that didn’t have it. Today, iLumenFi exists to connect devices, connect people and allow them access to be able to function. At the center of it all, Ledger wants to connect his community. To start reaching this communityLedger attended the Rebrand Cities Miami event in May 2018, where he learned branding and marketing tools that will allow him to begin sharing his story and his vision. Rebrand Cities is currently working on iLumenFi’s website.

An idea that is literally as simple as changing a light fixture, iLumenFi’s broadband propagating lights bring a signal close enough to the customer while using one-quarter of the consumption of a typical street light. “This is the first generation. I want to make it to a point where you don’t think about towers anymore, you just think about lights. Cities are a lot safer and access will be a lot easier for people that don’t have it,” he said. Ledger and his team have invented a solution for our modern world that fosters and facilitates connection in a sea of complex technology. While Ledger continues to develop products that people can use to make their daily lives easier, iLumenFi is striving to make cities more accessible and sustainable. “I like to create. This isn’t my first product and it’s probably not going to be my last.

As of late, Ledger has experienced global expansion with the use of his site, acquiring a big client in Mexico. Learn more about Ledger and his powerful innovation at