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Rebrand Cities Chicago Website Project March 21st: Seeking 50-Local Chicago Businesses With A Story To Tell

On Wednesday, March 21, 2018 we will be hosting a one-day Rebrand Cities event in Chicago at Blue Lacuna at 2150 Canalport Avenue.  We are seeking to work with  50 local Chicago Small Businesses to launch their website.  The day will include a branding workshop, website development and professional photography.  You can apply at

Rebrand Cities Website Initiative

  • Branding Workshop: ‘How to Build a Brand that Matters’ is an interactive session led by Brand Strategist Hajj Flemings.  This workshop is engaging and is packed full of practical information that an entrepreneur can immediately employ to impact their brand. Topics include elements of the art of storytelling, practical applications and tips on one of most critical, yet fundamental aspects of the business — execution.  Business owners will leave inspired and motivated to take their brand to the next level.
  • Web Development: It’s time to get your business online.  As a part of this offering, businesses receive a WordPress website with a mobile responsive design. Rebrand Cities offers the development of your website, a custom domain name, one year of hosting and customer support.  These sites also include the connectivity you need to engage with your clients.
  • Professional Photography: Quality visual imagery is a must have for any website.  As a part of Rebrand Cities Premium Package, business owners have the opportunity to receive professional photos captured by Shawn Lee Studios. Photos are available to the business as a part of the package to utilize to further market their brands on social media and other outlets.

Spots are limited so make sure you apply today: