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Rebrand Cities $10,000 Website Challenge Winner - Erica P. Dallas (Memphis, TN)

We are excited to announce the Rebrand Cities $10,000 Website Challenge winner.  Rebrand Cities launched a 60-Day Website Challenge from October 8, 2018 to December 7, 2018 . Business owners and developers participated in this challenge from cities all over the country such as Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami and Memphis. On December 20th we announced our top 15 finalists.  All websites were judged in five categories: aesthetics, responsiveness, accessibility, functionality and purpose/mission.  All submissions were built on the platform.

Grand Prize Winner (Cash Prize: $10,000): Sad to Sol: (Memphis, TN) – Dev: Erica P. Dallas 


Grand Prize Winning Developer : Erica P. Dallas (Memphis, TN)

“Participating in the 2018 Rebrand Cities Challenge fueled my creativity and reaffirmed my purpose as a Web & Graphic Designer! I’m so thrilled to have helped small businesses realize the value of an online presence and take the steps to build their brands. Now business can increase their credibility, expand their influence, and attract their target audience using their website. Thanks so much to the Rebrand Cities team for this amazing opportunity!” – Erica Dallas
Erica P. Dallas is a Digital Web & Graphic Designer and Brand Architect who specializes in curating visual brand experiences for brands, blogs, and businesses. She has the proven ability to write with poise across a broad spectrum, from editorial to marketing, as well as manage writing and advertising projects from concept to launch.


Erica graduated from the University of Memphis and studied several disciplines, which makes her well-rounded to adapt to different industries. She earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the Fogelman College of Business and a minor in English. Following undergrad, she earned a Master of Arts in Sociology, with an added certification in Women’s Studies. Higher learning called her again and she completed the full course program for a Master in Education (specializing in Special Education, Middle School, and Instruction/Design/Technology).


Storytelling through visuals, written narratives, and even events is what fuels Erica’s spirit and inspires her to always look towards connecting with people. Through her work, Erica envisions using the various skills and strategies that she has honed to make a  local, regional, and global impact. In other words, create agents of change through motivating others to master the momentum in their lives.


Erica currently resides in the Greater Memphis Area.