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Optimal Health: A Family’s Journey Through Sickle Cell

Optimal Health is an all-in-one health center opening this Fall (2018) in Miami Gardens, Florida. The center will provide convenient services for the entire family including primary care, urgent care, and pharmacy needs. Optimal Health will also house the unique Disease Prevention Center, a preventative care education and resource hub where visitors can receive one-on-one support to assist in achieving optimal health.

Optimal Health was in the initial cohort of the Rebrand Miami, 4th quarter to 2017 and we are excited to share their story.  “Our experience with Rebrand Cities has been amazing! We were able to reach a major milestone for our business by creating a website that showcases our services. The program not only helped us get our website up and running but also empowered us with skills to modify our site as our business continues to evolve.” – Dr. Abraham and Kristen Hollist

Optimal Health was inspired by Dr. Abraham and Dr. Kristin Hollist, the oldest son, who has Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). SCD is an inherited, life-threatening blood disorder that has claimed the lives of many of our loved ones and friends. We were determined to do everything possible to have him beat this disease by keeping him healthy and ultimately curing him one day. After not finding enough prevention solutions through his standard medical care, we explored and researched alternative options. We were able to really understand how this disease affects his body and how food/supplemental nutrition can help support his body’s deficiencies. Therefore, we modified his lifestyle and nutrition to prevent him from having complications. Till this day, our son has never been hospitalized or experienced any sickle cell related complications.

As healthcare providers in our community, we see that there are a lot of people that will benefit from the approach we used with our son. And we also understand that the healthcare system and managing your health can be challenging. Therefore we created a simplified and flexible healthcare system that will empower people to be the healthiest versions of their selves. We believe that people can achieve healthier lives at our health center, which includes a foundation based on educating patients about preventative health, collaborations of health experts across different areas, and access to social support. At Optimal Health we will bridge all of these elements together underneath one roof to help make our communities healthier.

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