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Innovator – Vincent Hunt Joins Rebrand Cities Miami Crew To Grow Businesses

Rebrand Cities is excited to announce that Innovator Vincent Hunt will be joining the Rebrand Cities Miami on May 3rd to work with small businesses in Miami for our Rebrand Miami event.

For more details about Rebrand Miami:

Location: CIC Miami 1951 NW 7th Ave #600 Miami, FL 33136
Date: Thursday, May 3, 2018
Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Vincent Hunt is the Executive Director of Design and Innovation at Nascent Corporation, a United States-based software design, and development company, specializing in the creation of solutions that inspire, connect and empower people. At Nascent, Hunt works closely with clients, helping them establish and facilitate sound design and innovation practices as they navigate the complexities associated with conceptualizing designing and building breakthrough new products, services, and brands. Internally, Hunt directs the design and innovation practices within the organization’s creative services and engineering channels.

Heavily vested in the development of creative economy leadership, Hunt is the Founder of Buildership Academy, a program designed to equip leaders with the insight, tools, and resources needed to inspire creativity, facilitate innovation and fuel growth within the teams and organizations they lead.

With over two decades of experience building and leading creative teams, Hunt speaks and writes about the importance of creative intelligence, innovation and the urgency associated with leadership understanding and navigating the creative economy.

When not working at Nascent, facilitating at Buildership Academy or delivering ideas about creativity, innovation, and leadership, Hunt is spending quality time with friends and family; enjoying outdoor sports, sharing stories and creating memories that truly matter.

If you are a creative and you are interested in joining our creative team in Miami connect with us here: