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Innovating The Education System Through Minecraft

A few years ago, Mark Smithivas noticed that the video game his two kids were playing was different than what he had seen before. The strategic block-building game, called “Minecraft,” allows players to creatively build with a variety of cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world while also emphasizing important skills such as exploration, resource gathering and crafting.

With a background in higher education and as a past PTA president, Smithivas saw an opportunity to incorporate Minecraft into an educational digital platform now named,

“There are a ton of issues in the public education system, especially in inner-cities, that aren’t easily fixed. However, the traditional mold of standardized testing and lecture-based teaching is proving more and more ineffective comparatively to engaged learning,” he says.

According to Smithivas, one of the biggest challenges for his Chicago-based business has been convincing people that video games can be beneficial in a classroom setting. While a still relatively new online-platform, Smithivas hopes to expand his business within the next few years.

“Chicago has a lot of resources; they’re the third largest public-school system in the country as well as a lot of dedicated parents involved in the schools and even at the local government level. There’s a huge network here,” he says. “I do want to eventually be able to offer to other U.S. cities, as well as other parts of the world.”

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