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Join hundreds of other developers across the country for a chance at a $10K prize.

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OK developers, here’s the deal.

46% of small businesses in the United States either don’t have a website or have one that is outdated.

This contest will help reduce that percentage with a chance to win some serious cash by simply helping a local business put together a theme site. That’s right. Just a theme. Minimal to no programming. For helping them out, you could win $10,000.

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What You’ll Do

Develop site or sites for small businesses in your city

These businesses either don’t have a website at all or have one that is so old and out of date that it needs to go! No one says you have to stop at one business. If you can crank these out, you have more chances to win! You have 60 days to work with a local business that needs a site to get them online.

What You Could Win

$10,000 prize

The grand prize for the winning developer is $10,000 U.S. dollars.  If you don’t win, you still have done something amazing for your community.

Why Is This Important

We don’t want any business left behind the times. This simple contest can change a business forever.

What’s the first thing you do when you want to learn about a product or a restaurant, etc.? You look it up. Maybe on a search engine, maybe social media, maybe on a maps app. But we all look them up first. What goes through your head when they don’t have a website? This business is not professional or trustworthy. Don’t let that be your neighborhood.


  • Build your site(s) on the platform. We will have login links for you.
  • The contest is free for you to enter as a developer. Business owners will pay an entrance fee of $300.
  • Vote to win. After the contest ends (60 days), get your neighbors and friends to vote for your site so you can win.
  • Stock images are provided free of charge by and are part of the system. Please do not use images that do not belong to you (for example, don’t Google images for your client).

The Complete Set of Rules

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