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Closing the Digital Divide for Small Business Owners

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What is this all about

At least 46% of small business owners—just like you—either don’t have a website or the one you have is so old, it might as well not exist.

Without a current, mobile-friendly website, your business will be left behind in the Digital Divide. We think 46% is unacceptably high. This contest will help reduce that percentage.

What You’ll Be Part Of

Think about that. We could reduce the 46% as part of this contest.

This challenge will provide an opportunity for businesses to establish their digital footprint to expand their reach, while providing a platform to highlight businesses with amazing stories that may have otherwise been overlooked.

WHy Is This Important

We don’t want any business left behind the times. This simple contest can change a business forever.

What’s the first thing you do when you want to learn about a product or a restaurant, etc.? You look it up. Maybe on a search engine, maybe social media, maybe on a maps app. But we all look them up first. What goes through your head when they don’t have a website? This business is not professional or trustworthy. Don’t let that be your neighborhood.


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