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60 days and $300 get you a website, domain, and one year of hosting!

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What this contest is about

At least 46% of small business owners—just like you—either don’t have a website or the one you have is so old, it might as well not exist.

Without a current, mobile-friendly website, your business will be left behind in the Digital Divide. We think 46% is unacceptably high. This contest will help reduce that percentage.

Your developer will use a theme to develop the site for your business.  And that’s not all. You also get a custom domain and one year of hosting.

What You’ll Do

Show up on the contest day.

Make sure you know your business hours, street address, phone number, and other information that would need to be on the site. We ask for the address so we can add a Google Map location.

The entrance fee for the contest is $300. That covers having a developer build your custom website.

What You’ll Be Part Of

Think about that. We could reduce the 46% as part of this contest.

Thousands of other businesses across the country are all in on this contest. That’s epic and will help not just your local community, but the entire country. Something to be proud of.

Why Is This Important

We don’t want any business left behind the times. This simple contest can change a business forever.

What’s the first thing you do when you want to learn about a product or a restaurant, etc.? You look it up. Maybe on a search engine, maybe social media, maybe on a maps app. But we all look them up first. What goes through your head when they don’t have a website? This business is not professional or trustworthy. Don’t let that be your neighborhood.


  • Build your site(s) on the platform. We will have login links for you.
  • The contest is free for you to enter as a developer. Business owners will pay an entrance fee of $300.
  • Vote to win. After the contest ends (60 days), get your neighbors and friends to vote for your site so you can win.
  • Stock images are provided free of charge by and are part of the system. Please do not use images that do not belong to you (for example, don’t Google images for your client).

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