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The absence of a web presence has led to trillions of dollars of unrealized business in neighborhoods all across America.  Rebrand Cities is a national civic design and brand project in partnership with WordPress.  It is a multidisciplinary collaboration with neighborhood businesses, community stakeholders, and local governments to eradicate the digital divide.

There is room for you at both sides of the table in assisting to get 10,000 small businesses online. We offer opportunities for business owners, developers, creatives, sponsors, partners and volunteers!

Business Owners

Our number one goal is to strengthen the small business communities by helping business owners establish their digital footprint. The business owner is our first priority. If you own a business and need to get your business online this project is an unbelievable opportunity to do that and much more.  In addition to a website, you receive professional photographs, brand training via Brand Camp University, webinars to help you establish and sustain your web presence, post-development service support and more. You also become a part of the growing Rebrand Cities community!  If you want to learn more about joining the mission, sign up below!

Developers & Creatives

The critical engine powering Rebrand Cities is the talented developers and creatives that put these businesses on the grid. We are always looking for these individuals to join the mission to beautifully illustrate and frame the amazing stories we unearth on our journey to 10,000 businesses. This area includes developers, copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, social media gurus and the like.  If you want to help businesses in urban neighborhoods and learn more about joining the mission, sign up below!


We are extremely grateful for our sponsors and partners! We could not do what we do without them.  They help to connect us with small businesses, funders, resources, venues and services in the cities we are impacting. These partners include municipalities, coworking spaces, local economic development corporations, event venues, television and radio stations, business accelerators, businesses and corporations. If you would like to partner with us, please sign up below!

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An ambitious and impactful mission such as this requires a growing number of passionate and diverse group of people.