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Celebrating International Women’s Day: Ashleigh Axios – Designer, Maker, And Strategist

I want to take a moment to acknowledge a woman who has been doing tremendous work in the Design field for years. In life, there are many times when we celebrate people we don’t really know or people we have no real connection with. I would like to shine the spotlight on someone who I can say I actually met in the real world. Ashleigh Axios is someone I have gotten to know through our work with and Rebrand Cities.

Ashleigh is the Design Exponent at Automattic, a company on a mission to democratize publishing and make the web a better place with products including She is also a board member for AIGA, the professional association of design, and on the editorial board of Design Observer. Prior to her role at Automattic, Ashleigh served as the creative director and a digital strategist at the White House. As a part of the Obama administration, she worked in the Office of Digital Strategy to serve the mission of connecting the public with information and meaningful opportunities for engagement with the administration.

Thank you, Ashleigh, for the work that you do and the impact you are creating in the design space, for people of color and women.

For more information about Ashleigh follow her online: and