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Rebrand Cities is advancing businesses and changing lives.

Rebrand Cities is a technology company focused on digital transformation, culture, and AI. Our work has helped small businesses (SMBs) in underrepresented communities globally. We collaborate with cities, global financial institutions, brands, and local stakeholders to impact people. Our mission is to help 10 million SMBs become AI-ready globally and to reskill a billion people worldwide for the future of work.

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Fox Business Documentary about Miami Tech (featuring Rebrand Cities) Anything is possible

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One Billion Businesses using AI

Rebrand Cities wants to get 1,000,000,000 businesses online and actively use AI-based tools to improve every aspect of their business. We’ve created a comprehensive course training business owners on how to get over their fears of AI and get in there. Seeing the A-ha moments in every class makes it all worthwhile.

3 Countries and Expanding

Rebrand Cities has touched the communities of multiple cities nationwide… Detroit, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, Los Angeles, Memphis, and Mesa (AZ), and three countries (U.S., Canada, and Haiti). The dynamic stories that have grown out of these communities have redefined what it means to be an entrepreneur. Small businesses across America are speaking up, sharing their stories, and showing their strength. This is a revolution, and we are striving to expand and grow in as many cities as possible, both at home and globally in 2023.

300 Students Built Their Own Sites

Over 75 high school students from local Detroit public schools attended the AT&T Believe Detroit Technology Challenge. Students learned how to build their own sites in support of one of two of AT&T’s campaigns, ‘It Can Wait’ (distracted driving) or Cyberbullying. The event cultivated an environment of possibility, with guest speakers Rhonda Walker and Evrod Cassimy from Local 4 News sharing stories of inspiration and encouragement, highlighting the vast opportunities that exist for these bright young minds. The challenge expanded Rebrand Cities’ reach to a younger audience, educating the youth about the digital divide, and encouraging them to get involved and make a meaningful impact in their communities. To date, students have built 300+ websites. #BelieveDetroit

$10K Rebrand Cities Website Challenge

We hosted a 60-Day Website Challenge. Business owners, web designers, web developers, and creatives participated in the challenge from cities all over the country to build the best site on the platform. Sites were evaluated in five categories: Aesthetics, Responsiveness, Accessibility, Functionality, and Purpose/Mission. It was difficult to pare down the entries to the 15 finalists. Our $10,000 grand prize winner was Erica P. Dallas from Memphis, TN.

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Fox Business Documentary about Miami Tech (featuring Rebrand Cities) Anything is possible